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   RESULT: comp.text.xml passes 365:22

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  • From: Neil Crellin <neilc@stanford.edu>
  • To: xml-dev@ic.ac.uk
  • Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 20:14:22 -0400 (EDT)

            unmoderated group comp.text.xml passes 365:22

There were 365 YES votes and 22 NO votes, for a total of 387 valid
votes.  There were 7 abstentions and 5 invalid ballots.

For a group to pass, YES votes must be at least 2/3 of all valid
(YES and NO) votes.  There must also be at least 100 more YES votes
than NO votes.

A five day discussion period follows this announcement.  If no
serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the
moderator of news.announce.newgroups will create the group shortly

Newsgroups line:
comp.text.xml		The Extensible Markup Language (XML).

The voting period closed at 23:59:59 UTC, 14 Jul 1998.

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party.  Questions
about the proposed group should be directed to the proponent.

Proponent: James Tauber <jtauber@jtauber.com>
Votetaker: Neil Crellin <neilc@stanford.edu>

RATIONALE: comp.text.xml

XML is a new language, and it appears that it will be extremely

Over the past few months, traffic on the XML-DEV and XML-L
mailing lists has grown rapidly.  With the release of the W3C
Recommendation for XML 1.0, developer interest is growing rapidly
and an increasing amount of software is being released.  A
newsgroup would make it much easier for a wider audience
to participate in and benefit from these discussions.

While it may appear at first that comp.text.sgml is appropriate,
there will be those interested in XML who do not care about the
arcana of SGML, and there will be those interested in SGML who
do not care to see many basic questions about XML.

CHARTER: comp.text.xml

Comp.text.xml shall be an unmoderated newsgroup for the general
discussion of the Extensible Markup Language (XML) and its

This includes, but is not limited to the specifications and
syntax, document creation and editing, interchange, software,
processing and database integration. This applies not only to
XML itself but also the Extensible Linking Language (XLL), the
Extensible Style Language (XSL), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) as
applied to XML documents, and to document types and applications
of XML.

Policy on Advertising

We encourage discussion of the merits and shortcomings of
commercial products. A certain amount of advertising (both
objective and advocative) is to be expected and this is to be
encouraged as long as the products and services relate directly
to XML and the announcements are brief. Company representatives
are expected to participate in discussions of their product that
they themselves did not initiate.

Please refer to the widely available Internet literature on the
subject of common net abuses (indiscriminate newsgroup spamming,
multiple advertisement posting, and chain letters being among the
most frequent).


comp.text.xml Final Voter list

Voted YES
hockemey [at] fechner.kfunigraz.ac.at                          Cord Hockemeyer
jmodre [at] edu.uni-klu.ac.at                                    Juergen Modre
jawe [at] adis.at                                                  Jan Wessely
neilr [at] a2.com.au                                             Neil Robinson
mrc [at] allette.com.au                                            Marcus Carr
ricko [at] allette.com.au                                        Rick Jelliffe
Ted.Harper [at] bankerstrust.com.au                                 Ted Harper
Smith.Adrian.A [at] bhp.com.au                               Adrian Mark Smith
Brooke.Smith [at] Butterworths.com.au                    Brooke Benjamin Smith
Kevin [at] metrocs.com.au                                      Kevin Azzopardi
tim_josling [at] nag.national.com.au                               Tim Josling
bmhughes [at] ozemail.com.au                                      Baden Hughes
John.Lamp [at] deakin.edu.au                                         John Lamp
msf [at] mds.rmit.edu.au                                        Michael Fuller
house [at] usq.edu.au                                                Ron House
ajc [at] bing.wattle.id.au                                     Andrew Cosgriff
Geert.Bormans [at] esat.kuleuven.ac.be                           Geert Bormans
hca [at] xs4all.be                                              Hans C. Arents
jdeseyne [at] xs4all.be                                        Jacques Deseyne
chriseb [at] nortel.ca                                          Chris Ebenezer
gauthier.gilles [at] uqam.ca                                   Gilles Gauthier
relander [at] calum.csclub.uwaterloo.ca                         Richard Lander
kshapiro [at] julian.uwo.ca                                       Kivi Shapiro
Benedikt.Heinen [at] infrasys.ascom.ch                         Benedikt Heinen
bhilton [at] adc.com                                              Brand Hilton
bmv [at] plaza.ds.adp.com                              </FONT><FONT SIZE=3D2 =
lawrence [at] agranat.com                                       Scott Lawrence
amiamc [at] aur.alcatel.com                                    Mitch C. Amiano
Shelton.Turner [at] alliedsignal.com                            Shelton Turner
jbritt [at] anasazi.com                                            James Britt
Sanchm [at] aol.com                                              Mario Sanchez
sforsell [at] aol.com                                            Scott Forsell
orisko [at] att.com                                               Ondrej Risko
Avi [at] avionitek.com                                              Avi Kivity
carey [at] behavioral.com                                        Carey Lambert
jaed [at] best.com                                         Jeanne A. E. DeVoto
kimdv [at] best.com                                               Kim DeVaughn
jpetry [at] bigfoot.com                                            James Petry
jphipps [at] bigfoot.com                                            Jon Phipps
seidel [at] bigfoot.com                                David & Kathleen Seidel
alain [at] cabinfo.com                                           Alain DESEINE
ftung [at] caldor.com
gkholman [at] CanadaMail.com                                     G. Ken Holman
cwarsaw [at] cen.com                                              Craig Warsaw
carl [at] chage.com                                                  Carl Hage
glarose [at] channelware.com                                       Gord Larose
bwb [at] concentra.com                                           Benson, Brent
mark [at] conveyor.com                                              Mark Baker
hsmith23 [at] csc.com                                             Howard Smith
fche [at] cygnus.com                                          Frank Ch. Eigler
torin [at] daft.com                                             Darren Stalder
DasBuro.Com!mfx [at] DasBuro.Com                              Markus Freericks
booda [at] datasync.com                                        Martin H. Booda
sven.petzoldt [at] debis.com                                     Sven Petzoldt
alastair [at] derivs.com                                       Alastair Blakey
Damian.Rodriguez [at] digital.com                             Damian Rodriguez
jnelson [at] DistributedObjects.com                       Jeffrey James Nelson
chris.lada [at] dmsi-world.com                                      Chris Lada
roger [at] dra.com                                           Roger M. Opperman
TYonkman [at] drumbeat.com                                         Tom Yonkman
david [at] dynamicdiagrams.com                                 David G. Durand
roland.eriksson [at] elpartner.com                         Jan Roland Eriksson
eddie.sheffield [at] enterworks.com                            Eddie Sheffield
per-ake.ling [at] ericsson.com                                    Per-Åke Ling
lisabos [at] erols.com                                             Lisa W. Bos
david [at] farrar.com                                             David Farrar
Michael_Durbin [at] em.fcnbd.com                        Michael Patrick Durbin
jmochel [at] foliage.com                                      Jim Jackl-Mochel
dparrott [at] ford.com                                       Dennis M. Parrott
kpascoe [at] ford.com                                             Kathy Pascoe
jan [at] fotek.com                                                Jan Cuyckens
dean [at] gallant.com                                             Dean S Jones
Jim.Ancona [at] geac.com                                            Jim Ancona
james.follan [at] gecm.com                                      James E Follan
chris.yearsley [at] gecm.com                                    Chris Yearsley
jamaro [at] geocities.com                                      jamaro@home.com
michael [at] graphion.com                                      Michael Sanborn
AshleyB [at] halcyon.com                                        Ashley Yakeley
bjv [at] herbison.com                                            B.J. Herbison
jamaro [at] home.com                                      Josue Emmanuel Amaro
kensall [at] home.com                                                 Ken Sall
gail [at] homemail.com                                             Gail Gurman
wfs [at] hotmail.com                                             William Swain
sbutler [at] boi.hp.com                                          Sylvan Butler
self [at] id.hungry.com                                           Faried Nawaz
steve.hunter [at] hunterobjectsystems.com                         Steve Hunter
Denis_Haskin [at] iacnet.com
wheeleb [at] us.ibm.com                                          Bruce Wheeler
simcha [at] VNET.IBM.COM                                         Simcha Gralla
cbd [at] zurich.ibm.com                                           Carl Binding
Gershon_Joseph [at] icomverse.com                               Gershon Joseph
tenger [at] idirect.com                                         Terrence Enger
David_Drexler [at] idx.com                                        Dave Drexler
denis [at] iimg.com                                             Denis Hennessy
nigel [at] iimg.com                                              Nigel Barrett
dougmw [at] ims.com                                     Douglas Metcalfe-White
gregfra [at] iname.com                                           Greg Franklin
mcoren [at] incognita.com                                        Mark L. Coren
wcruppel [at] inforium.com                                         Bill Ruppel
zach [at] instantplanet.com                                         Zach Baker
ndallen [at] interlog.com                                          Nigel Allen
smith [at] interlog.com                                            Chris Smith
eliot [at] isogen.com                                          W. Eliot Kimber
cloos [at] jhcloos.com                                     James H. Cloos, Jr.
ems [at] jrandom.com                                              Erik Seaberg
jtauber [at] jtauber.com                                          James Tauber
rlowenthal [at] kaplan.com                                      Rich Lowenthal
steve.howard [at] mar.lmco.com                                    Steve Howard
rick [at] logos.com                                               Rick Brannan
Peter_Masters [at] motorcity2.lotus.com                          Peter Masters
Scott_Boag/CAM/Lotus [at] lotus.com                                 Scott Boag
lists [at] lumdata.com                                        Scott Vanderbilt
barry [at] mackichan.com                                       Barry MacKichan
david [at] megginson.com                                       David Megginson
tadmc [at] metronet.com                                          Tad McClellan
derekdb [at] microsoft.com                                   Derek Denny-Brown
spinochet [at] mindspring.com                                   Susan Pinochet
Lee_T_Wilkirson [at] email.mobil.com                          Lee T. Wilkirson
DuCharmR [at] moodys.com                                          Bob DuCharme
r24743 [at] email.sps.mot.com                                    Dan L. Pattyn
SimonStL [at] classic.msn.com                                 Simon St.Laurent
btusdin [at] mulberrytech.com                                  B. Tommie Usdin
bmartell [at] multipath.com                                      Brett Martell
ddwyer [at] ncic.com                                              Daaron Dwyer
seth_ladd [at] smtp.bcse.nec.com                                     Seth Ladd
tjbrady [at] net-lynx.com                                            Tom Brady
dkuhlman [at] netcom.com                                      G. David Kuhlman
elaine [at] netcom.com                                       Elaine M. Brennan
genepool [at] netcom.com                                           Jim Michael
rbenn [at] ix.netcom.com                                         Randy Bennett
fmanola [at] objs.com                                             Frank Manola
jeremy [at] omsys.com                                       Jeremy H. Griffith
doug.clinton [at] onlinemagic.com                              Douglas Clinton
sjain [at] us.oracle.com                         Sandeep Jain</FONT><BR>&nbsp;
SMUENCH [at] us.oracle.com                                        Steve Muench
crism [at] oreilly.com                                    Christopher R. Maden
jsaylor [at] osicom.com                                            John Saylor
sal [at] panix.com                                            salvatore denaro
MarkS [at] Partes.com                                           Mark Schnitzer
seanwebb [at] pictorius.com                                          Sean Webb
bw [at] pindar.com                                               Bob Wilkinson
clau [at] plaintree.com                                             Carmel Lau
mjd-vote-xml [at] plover.com                                Mark-Jason Dominus
ackme [at] pobox.com                                             Jim Gallagher
mra [at] pobox.com                                                 Mark Atwood
ABREAUJ [at] POLAROID.COM                                          John Abreau
JLewis [at] PubList.com                                          John D. Lewis
francis [at] redrice.com                                               francis
frank.richards [at] nagexserver.reedtech.com                    Frank Richards
tony.stewart [at] rivcom.com                                      Tony Stewart
GNorth [at] columbus.rr.com                                       Gloria North
oisin [at] sbcm.com                                           Oisin McGuinness
avirr [at] searchtools.com                                       Avi Rappoport
cmunro [at] selsius.com                                          Charlie Munro
wcox [at] austin.apc.slb.com                                          BILL COX
heaney [at] cambridge.scr.slb.com                                Steven Heaney
huntley [at] smarts.com                                     Huntley Eshenroder
Kris.Keener [at] mail.sprint.com                                Kris W. Keener
dak [at] sq.com                                            David 'Dak' Keldsen
burton.lee [at] sqribe.com                                          Burton Lee
stamper [at] stamper.com                                         Chris Stamper
ciarlone [at] world.std.com                                    Leonor Ciarlone
barry [at] strategies.com                                      Barry Schaeffer
gbs [at] swdc.stratus.com                                         George Smith
Jon.Bosak [at] eng.Sun.COM                                           Jon Bosak
db [at] Eng.Sun.COM                                             David Brownell
altheim [at] mehitabel.eng.Sun.COM                              Murray Altheim
Trevor.Jenkins [at] suneidesis.com                              Trevor Jenkins
whunt [at] devtools.symantec.com                                      Wil Hunt
north [at] Synopsys.COM                                            Simon North
arielle [at] taronga.com                                    Stephanie da Silva
cae [at] telesynthesis.com                                   Carlos A Elizondo
benoit.barre [at] teluco.com                                      Benoît BARRE
Jeremy.Verity [at] thomtech.com                                  Jeremy Verity
mundie [at] micro.ti.com                                          David Mundie
mariusz [at] tibco.com                                       Mariusz Podsiadlo
danny [at] tridium.com                                         Danny Wahlquist
Michael.Lauer [at] tstnet.com                                    Michael Lauer
slger [at] twurl.com                                             Susan Gerhart
casiello [at] ultranet.com                                      Brian Casiello
ken [at] usefulweb.com                                              Ken Elwert
rajesh_n1 [at] verifone.com                                           Rajesh N
dgulbran [at] vervet.com                                      David Gulbransen
gsez020 [at] compo.bedford.waii.com                                Pete Forman
JLemire [at] walldata.com                                          John Lemire
jlapp [at] webMethods.com                                             Joe Lapp
barry [at] webveranda.com                                       Barry Campbell
szpak [at] well.com                                            Mark Szpakowski
xanthian [at] well.com                                         Kent Paul Dolan
Lloyd.Seamans [at] westgroup.com                              Lloyd H. Seamans
DHable [at] XLinkCorp.com                                            Dan Hable
sns [at] xmlcenter.com                                            Steven Noels
parsons [at] xyvision.com                                     Jonathan Parsons
Hoenicka [at] pbmail.me.kp.dlr.de                              Markus Hoenicka
macherius [at] darmstadt.gmd.de                                 Ingo Macherius
Ekkehard.Uthke [at] gmx.de                                      Ekkehard Uthke
c.schabacker [at] gis.ibfs.de                               Carsten Schabacker
m.sckopke [at] gis.ibfs.de                                      Martin Sckopke
m.wachowitz [at] gis.ibfs.de                                    Marc Wachowitz
schwarze [at] isa.de                                           Jochen Schwarze
michael.urban [at] hamburg.netsurf.de                            Michael Urban
list-votes [at] dream.hb.north.de                             Martin Schr"oder
g.wulfes [at] berlin.snafu.de                                     Georg Wulfes
Harald.Joerg [at] mch.sni.de                                      Harald Joerg
nwoh [at] software-ag.de                                       Nigel Hutchison
ThB.com [at] t-online.de                                         Thomas Berger
Sebastian [at] TRIVIUM.DE
klaus.kreulich [at] mb3.tu-chemnitz.de                          Klaus Kreulich
H.Duerer [at] ZAIT.Uni-Bremen.DE                                  Holger Dürer
lannert [at] uni-duesseldorf.de
cnwetzel [at] linguistik.uni-erlangen.de                      Christian Wetzel
Fotis.Jannidis [at] lrz.uni-muenchen.de                         Fotis Jannidis
ht.ohlsen [at] ddf.dk                                    Hans-Henrik T. Ohlsen
tobez [at] plab.ku.dk                                            Anton Berezin
dsew [at] packrat.aml.arizona.edu                                 David Sewell
jdavis [at] lectura.CS.Arizona.EDU                                   Jim Davis
jmcdonou [at] library.berkeley.edu                            Jerome McDonough
grechaw [at] socrates.berkeley.edu
John_Lavagnino [at] Brown.edu                                   John Lavagnino
jeliza+ [at] red-dwarf.fac.cs.cmu.edu                         Jeliza Patterson
dsr [at] mail.lns.cornell.edu                                        Dan Riley
pdurusau [at] emory.edu                                        Patrick Durusau
salber [at] cc.gatech.edu                                        Daniel Salber
mpslon01 [at] morehead-st.edu                                    Michael Slone
pkasieck [at] coe.neu.edu                                   Philip T. Kasiecki
kuipers [at] plains.NoDak.edu                                  Gilbert Kuipers
lverhulst [at] nmff.nwu.edu                                     Leane Verhulst
donahue [at] acf2.nyu.edu                                      Adam M. Donahue
zsh [at] cs.rochester.edu                                         Shenghuo ZHU
rogersba [at] Rose-Hulman.Edu                                  Brian A. Rogers
iburrell [at] leland.Stanford.EDU                                  Ian Burrell
goldste3 [at] jeflin.tju.edu                             Herschel P. Goldstein
jason [at] primal.ucdavis.edu                                  Jason Christian
fensterm [at] cs.uchicago.edu                               Kurt Fenstermacher
ehood [at] hydra.acs.uci.edu                                         Earl Hood
jkcohen [at] uci.edu                                         Jonathan K. Cohen
kamikaze [at] kuoi.asui.uidaho.edu
llopis [at] zonker.ecs.umass.edu                                   Noel Llopis
ser [at] javalab.uoregon.edu                                      Sean Russell
jdruck [at] lexus.gslis.utexas.edu                                 Jon Drucker
priestdo [at] cs.vassar.edu                              Greg E. Priest-Dorman
rufinus [at] mbe.ece.wisc.edu                                        J Rufinus
1jasagar [at] rigel.deusto.es                                   Jaime Sagarduy
barranquero [at] laley-actualidad.es                        Juanma Barranquero
lat [at] iki.fi                                                 Lassi A. Tuura
vili [at] sun3.oulu.fi                                          Ville Varjonen
basile.starynkevitch [at] cea.fr                          Basile STARYNKEVITCH
fre3d [at] club-internet.fr                                       Emilie Danna
didier [at] cln46ae.der.edf.fr                                     Didier Bolf
benoit.germaneau [at] francetelecom.fr                  GERMANEAU Benoit SNPSI
besagni [at] inist.fr                                        Dominique Besagni
Floriano.Conte [at] itbs.fr                                     Floriano Conte
Joel.Wilf [at] jpl.nasa.gov                                          Joel Wilf
mike [at] eurodyn.com.gr                                     Mihalis Tsoukalos
kata [at] kltesrv.klte.hu                                   Katalin Rutkovszky
Rory.Quinn [at] berlitz.ie                                          Rory Quinn
digitome [at] iol.ie                                             Sean Mc Grath
eamon [at] lendac.ie                                               Eamon Hayes
david.abrahamson [at] cs.tcd.ie                            David M. Abrahamson
pflynn [at] imbolc.ucc.ie                                          Peter Flynn
ecampbell [at] xmlw.ie                                           Eoin Campbell
sudarshan [at] pspl.co.in                                    Sudarshan Purohit
jatin [at] darkstar.tatainfotech.co.in                            JATIN SHUKLA
marj [at] rhi.hi.is                                                Mar Jonsson
mau [at] beatles.cselt.it                                     Maurizio Codogno
jwt [at] dskk.co.jp                                               Jim Tittsler
numa [at] rp.open.cs.fujitsu.co.jp                            NUMATA Toshinori
jylee [at] t2000.co.kr                                              Lee, Jiyun
robert [at] ais.net                                            Robert Morrison
geoff20 [at] banet.net                                            Geoff Morris
cdarney [at] bellatlantic.net                                     Chuck Darney
jrj [at] access.digex.net                                    Joseph R. Justice
drclue [at] drclue.net                                                Dr. Clue
ellis [at] ftel.net                                                 Rick Ellis
marty44 [at] gmx.net                                             Martin Boehme
d.maltby [at] greater.net                                         David Maltby
axxion [at] ibm.net                                          Alexander Stigsen
novice [at] ibm.net                                              W. A. Gerrard
ghewitt [at] inc.net                                             Gary M Hewitt
ford [at] interactive.net                                            Paul Ford
cmcurtin [at] interhack.net                                        Matt Curtin
stanton [at] interport.net                                      Stanton Teters
richard.obeirne [at] lineone.net                              Richard O'BEIRNE
fcy [at] Mcs.Net                                                Fred Yankowski
jborden [at] mediaone.net                                  Jonathan  A. Borden
sgmlgeek [at] top.monad.net                                       Mary P McRae
ezy [at] mail1.nai.net                                             Asim Yosafi
alexdawson [at] pemail.net                                         Alex Dawson
simpson [at] polaris.net                                       John E. Simpson
aray [at] q2.net                                                     Arjun Ray
sherds [at] radiant.net                                         A.I. Persofsky
rabin [at] shore.net                                                Paul Rabin
stephenp [at] sover.net                                        Stephen Perkins
alister [at] theoffice.net                                            A Bulman
af137 [at] torfree.net                                                  Al Aab
ginigma [at] ultracom.net                                               c gold
mahto [at] uswest.net                                         Robert N. Thomas
skquinn [at] wt.net                                             Shawn K. Quinn
michael [at] michaeln.demon.nl                           Michael Nieuwenhuizen
egonw [at] sci.kun.nl                                         Egon Willighagen
jdassen [at] wi.leidenuniv.nl                              J.H.M. Dassen (Ray)
michiel.verhoef [at] wkap.nl                                   Michiel Verhoef
eikie [at] worldonline.nl                                       Erik van Elsas
bjornts [at] infotek.no                                        Bjorn Tore Sund
grove [at] infotek.no                                          Geir Ove Grønmo
martin [at] texcel.no                                        Martin Dransfield
kjetil.kjernsmo [at] astro.uio.no                              Kjetil Kjernsmo
larsga [at] ifi.uio.no                                     Lars Marius Garshol
oyvind.eide [at] ub.uio.no                                         Oyvind Eide
antony [at] ihug.co.nz                                         Antony Simmonds
DeanS [at] WAIRC.GOVT.NZ                                         Dean Stringer
sbandy [at] aaas.org                                                  S. Bandy
fdrake [at] acm.org                                         Fred L. Drake, Jr.
mprakash [at] acm.org                                            Praki Prakash
roggenkamps [at] acm.org                                      Steve Roggenkamp
doyle [at] aps.org                                                  Mark Doyle
herisman [at] cas.org                                           Howard Erisman
cowan [at] locke.ccil.org                                           John Cowan
donkiely [at] computer.org                                           Don Kiely
nospam [at] haar.ddns.org                                             Jan Haar
vote [at] erle.org                                                 Tobias Erle
nat [at] nataa.fr.eu.org                                       Nat Makarevitch
abby [at] foad.org                                            Abby Franquemont
fabien [at] girardin.org                                       Fabien Girardin
Paul.V.Biron [at] kp.org                                          Paul V Biron
junga [at] leo.org                                                  Achim Jung
peewee [at] scc.mi.org                                            Jason Wright
bkdelong [at] naw.org                                              B.K. DeLong
kclark [at] superfly.ntlug.org                                   Kendall Clark
hebisch [at] math.uni.wroc.pl                                 Waldemar Hebisch
Johan.Dahl [at] ling.lu.se                                          Johan Dahl
svante [at] nemesis.se                                           Svante Kleist
John.Gotze [at] post.statskontoret.se                               John Gotze
SuanTK [at] ocbc.com.sg                                          Suan Teck Kin
cvecwt [at] nus.edu.sg                                           Chan Weng Tat
janez.zupanic [at] gov.si                                        Janez @upani~
emt [at] perun.dcs.fmph.uniba.sk                               Jana Chlebikova
hk [at] yore.com.tr                                             Hakan Kalyoncu
richard [at] cogsci.ed.ac.uk                                     Richard Tobin
norman [at] astro.gla.ac.uk                                        Norman Gray
schwarze [at] cs.man.ac.uk                                   Eckhard Schwarzat
bmm [at] inf.rl.ac.uk                                           Brian Matthews
D.J.Beckett [at] ukc.ac.uk                                        Dave Beckett
fqp1 [at] ukc.ac.uk                                    Francisco Queiros Pinto
m.mower [at] unl.ac.uk                                              Matt Mower
steve.parkinson [at] bellhow.co.uk                             Steve Parkinson
kate.curtis [at] bt-sys.bt.co.uk                              Katherine Curtis
nickle [at] calfp.co.uk                                            Nick Leaton
wrigley [at] cre.canon.co.uk                                       Ave Wrigley
john_singleton [at] chrystal.co.uk                              John Singleton
Hammy [at] croila.demon.co.uk                                      Hamish Bell
marty [at] ehabitat.demon.co.uk                                Martin McCarthy
js [at] jswan.demon.co.uk                                       Johnathan Swan
richard [at] light.demon.co.uk                                   Richard Light
alan.ralph [at] redunser.demon.co.uk                                Alan Ralph
aidan [at] sgml.demon.co.uk                                      Aidan Killian
Margaret [at] syntagma.demon.co.uk                              Margaret Aldis
murble [at] xencat.demon.co.uk                                William Boughton
neal.champion [at] exchange.co.uk                                Neal Champion
M.H.Kay [at] eng.icl.co.uk                                         Michael Kay
nik [at] iii.co.uk                                                 Nik Clayton
trevor [at] rds-ltd.co.uk                                          Trevor Wood
ianw [at] sunbather.co.uk                                        Ian Westbrook
R.Taylor [at] eris.dera.gov.uk                                  Richard Taylor
akuchlin [at] cnri.reston.va.us                                  A.M. Kuchling

Voted NO
mib [at] deakin.edu.au                                          Mike Battersby
chet.ensign [at] bender.com                                        Chet Ensign
stainles [at] bga.com                                             Dwight Brown
guymacon [at] deltanet.com                   guymacon@deltanet.com (Guy Macon)
tomo [at] everyware.com                                              Tom Otvos
jason [at] gaydeceiver.com                                       Jason Steiner
cipher [at] mindspring.com                                              Cipher
Greg_Baber [at] mindspring.com                                   Gregory Baber
olav [at] viking.mv.com                                        Olav Nieuwejaar
nwelch1 [at] rochester.rr.com                                     Welch Family
eric_albright [at] sprynet.com                                   Eric Albright
pan [at] syix.com                                                          Pan
daver [at] teleport.com                                         David Reynolds
tbray [at] textuality.com                                             Tim Bray
nolda [at] komma.fddi2.fu-berlin.de                              Andreas Nolda
naddy [at] mips.rhein-neckar.de                           Christian Weisgerber
rick [at] bcm.tmc.edu                                           Richard Miller
Emma.K.Antunes.1 [at] gsfc.nasa.gov                       Emma Kolstad Antunes
pbern7 [at] earthlink.net                                       Paul Bernhardt
marquez [at] pacbell.net                                         Aaron Marquez
tobotras [at] jet.msk.su                                        Boris Tobotras
Voting [at] valdena.demon.co.uk                                            AST

cdt [at] audiophile.com                                         Chris Trumbore
luisrmcosta [at] gyral.com                                 Lui's Ricardo Costa
chris [at] kzim.com                                Christopher Robin Zimmerman
billy-ace.baker [at] smtp.cnet.navy.mil                        Billy-Ace Baker
sean.duffy [at] bbs.goldengate.net                                  Sean Duffy
k-j-nore [at] dsv.su.se                                       Karl-Johan Noren
peter [at] ursus.demon.co.uk                                 Peter Murray-Rust

Invalid votes
Christophe.BURTIN [at] OPOCE.cec.be                             Burtin Kristov
    ! No vote statement in message
m.schneider [at] gis.ibfs.de                             Dr. Michael Schneider
    ! Invalid ballot
jwv [at] tradoc.fr                                                John Wilcock
    ! Undeliverable address
wish [at]                             Bill Hay
    ! Invalid address
phetland [at] online.no                                             Jo Hetland
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Neil Crellin, UVV <neilc@stanford.edu>

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