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Re: Problems with expat parsing entity string in element data...

Sean Pedersen <sean.pedersen@corp.usa.net> writes:

> Is there any way to force expat to NOT seperate the element data
> when it includes entities?

No, but you can write a simple filter handler that collects disparate
character data callbacks into a single parameter to the end element
callback. Granted, you have to know which elements to do this
collecting for, as the strategy doesn't work where mixed content is

It's a little hard to talk about layering, decorators, proxies, and
the like when you're writing to a C interface. If you wind up wrapping
expat in some SAX-like C++ library, my advice will make more sense.

Steven E. Harris        :: seh@speakeasy.org
GnuPG                   :: 0x70248E67