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Xmark -- A Benchmark for XML Query Processors

The XML Benchmark Project

We'd like to announce the first public version of Xmark, a framework
intended to help users analyze XML query processors.

The benchmark consists of 

 * an application scenario which models an internet auction site,

 * the data generation tool xmlgen to generate the benchmark document
   at different scaling factors, and

 * 20 XQuery challenges carefully designed to cover essential aspects
   of XML query processing.

You can get an overview of the project at


where you also find the downloadables: the data generator, the query
suite, and design rationales.  More detailed background information on
the application scenario and the data generation process is available at


as a technical report. 

We also provide SQL versions of both schema and queries to facilitate
comparison with conventional RDBMS's.

The project team,

 Albrecht Schmidt
 Florian Waas
 Martin Kersten
 Dana Florescu
 Mike Carey
 Ioana Manolescu
 Ralph Busse