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Re: using namespaces to version

On 03/05/2001 11:27:25 David Carlisle wrote:

>DTD's can be specified by DOCTYPE and Schema can be specified by
>schemaLocation or other means. If you want to specify a different schema
>it is perfectly possible to do so without changing all your element
>names by changing the DTD.

I take your point, but this is not without some complications; if you import
Schemas, you need to parse each import and include (recursively) as well as the
schemaLocation, in order to work out all of the versions.  Checking the
namespace of each element is much more straightforward, and lets the parser do
the work.  Also, I suspect that we will see tools whose workflow is guided by
the namespace URI before we see tools whose workflow is also guided by the
schemaLocation/import/include information.

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