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Re: XML Schema becomes a W3C Recommendation

XML Everywhere wrote:
> I doubt it.  XML newbies will take XML Schemas
> for granted, and it will be useful to them, just like DTDs.

I would be happy if there was no more adherence between future XML
technologies and W3C XML Schema than between XML 1.0 and DTDs.

You don't have to use DTDs with XML 1.0 if you don't like them (I have
never been using one for my own applications) and, except for the XSLT
"id()" function, I am not loosing any feature in any other spec.

This doesn't seem to be the case of W3C XML Schema which PSVI is likely
to impact XPath 2.0.

> I don't see anyone on this list spewing on about
> the beautifulness of DTDs yet they are used
> substantially more than any other XML-based
> schema, because all real parsers and other
> tools support DTDs.

Because if you don't like them you don't have to use them...
> A standard schema language in XML that
> has wide-spread parser and tools support *is*
> exciting, even if it isn't everyone's favorite flavor.

Yes, but this schema doesn't let you write all what you'd like to write.

Let's give yet another example... 

RSS 1.0 can't be described by W3C XML Schema (nor by a DTD).

A W3C XML Schema on RSS 1.0 would have been incompatible with 2 of our

1) Simplicity: W3C XML Schema would have imposed an order on elements.
2) Modularity: you can't say that you want to allow any element from any
namespace from undeclared modules with W3C XML Schema.

I think that this kind of decision needs to be taken by each project
without any threat to be kind of incompatible with future developments
of XML.

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