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RE: XML Schema Test Collection open for contributions

At 09:25 AM 5/4/01 -0400, David E. Cleary wrote:
>The people who implemented the spec from Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle were not
>the people on the WG. They were developers who used the spec to implement
>and provided feedback on their experiences. Also, XML Spy was well along
>with Schema support before Altova joined the WG. And the developers at
>Apache were using the spec. There are no secret documents privy to the WG
>that contains the silver bullet of implementing Schema.

Just a curiosity question - are there any developers who are not members of 
the W3C actually implementing (not just using) XML Schema?

The membership list at:

currently returns MySQL errors, so it's hard to judge independently.

I can't say that I'm shocked that Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle would have the 
resources to implement the spec using different people than those who 
served on the WG, but somehow I'd doubt those developers built "clean room" 

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