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Re: JAXP and SAX ErrorHandler stuff

* Mike Brown
| It seems that I need to either work with XMLReader implementations and
| forget about using JAXP's SAXParserFactory and SAXParser, or import a
| particular implementation's classes and call them directly. 

You can just call getXMLReader() on the SAXParser and then work with
the XMLReader that gives you.

| This makes me wonder what the great advantage is to JAXP in SAX
| processing.

I don't think the advantage is very great, to be frank. The mechanism
for parser creation is better than what SAX itself provides, but
that's really the sum total of the advantage, I think.
| I thought perhaps the answer was that setErrorHandler() is not necessary, 
| because I could have my ErrorHandler not only implement 
| org.xml.sax.ErrorHandler, but also extend 
| org.xml.sax.helpers.DefaultHandler. 

DefaultHandler implements ErrorHandler, and in any case having your
handler class implement an interface is not enough, you must also
explicitly register it as a handler of each type of event you want it
to listen to.

| JAXP has an ErrorListener interface for XSLT processing errors. Why isn't
| there an equivalent for the XML parsing?

There is, it's just in the SAX 2.0 part of the API, rather than in the
JAXP part.

--Lars M.