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Hi all,
I am developing a CDROM based product for both PC and Mac.
I have XML data and Gif images. The user should be able to browse through the records and view images pertaining to each record with an internet browser. The user should be able to use 'next' and 'previous' buttons to browse through the records.
At a later stage I would also like to include a search engine.
What parser do I use?
I think it has to be a DOM parser as I'm using 'next' and 'previous' buttons. But which one?
If I use any of the java parsers, do I have to have Java installed on the systems I want to view the CDROM project?
What about using Microsoft xml parser? I have used successfully Javascript and MS XMLDOM to parse the xml data in other projects. But they have been PC based products. In this case will it work on Mac ( is msxml written in Java) ?
It would be ideal if I could get a parser that can be used with JavaScript, as I have already used quite a bit of it in this project.
I'd written about this problem earlier and had got a few directions, but nothing really definite.
So please help, what parser do I use?
Any help will be immensely appreciated.