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Re: XLink resource confusion (long)

We're not quite there yet with Cris's example, because the "to" and "from"
values on the arc are supposed to be locator or resource reference
labels,not URIs.

From the CR:

"5.7 Traversal Attributes (label, from, and to)
The traversal attributes are label, from, and to. The label attribute may be
used on the resource- and locator-type elements. The from and to attributes
may be used on the arc-type element.

Constraint: label, from, and to Values

The value of a label, from, or to attribute must be an NCName. If a value is
supplied for a from or to attribute, it must correspond to the same value
for some label attribute on a locator- or resource-type element that appears
as a direct child inside the same extended-type element as does the arc-type
element. "


Tom P

[Christopher R. Maden]

> <section id="sec1"
>                xlink:type="extended">
>    <loc xlink:type="locator" xlink:role="http://www.example.com/xlns/from"
>            xlink:href="#sec1"/>
>    <loc xlink:type="locator" xlink:role="http://www.example.com/xlns/to"
>            xlink:href="http://www.someplace.org/something.html"/>
>    <arc xlink:type="arc" xlink:from="http://www.example.com/xlns/from"
>            xlink:to="http://www.example.com/xlns/to" />
>    <title>Que se yo?</title>
>    <par>
>        No hay nada de interes en este parafo.
>    </par>
>    <list>
>       <item>Nada</item>
>       <item>Aun menos</item>
>    </list>
>    <!-- Lots more 'par', 'list', 'table', 'figure' elements etc. -->
>    <par>
>        Esto es aburrido. Y ademas, faltan los acentos.
>    </par>
> </section>
> This does not have local resources, and includes two loc elements and one
> arc element within the beginning resource that weren't there in the other
> example, but is otherwise equivalent.