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Re: The lists I monitor

> Maybe I'm crazy, but I monitor about 20 XML lists.

Maybe that's reasonable for an author and journalist, but I find one
or two plenty.

> Unfortunately there seems to be an attitude that W3C lists are 
> _the_ lists

I've never heard anyone express that view.  You seem to want to
attribute it to people, but I don't think they actually hold it.  I
must admit, however, that I have formed a similar impression that you
think anything sponsored by W3C is suspect.

> with rare exception - like this one and XSL-List

I don't think taking obvious counter-examples and calling them "rare
exceptions" is very convincing.

> RDF and 
> XLink lists both moved into the W3C, and I'm not sure that XLink has 
> benefited.

I don't read either of those lists.  What happened when they moved to
the W3C?  What went wrong?  Did people stop posting to them?  Were
they harder to search or something?  Why would it make any difference?

> It's not a conspiracy - it's just a shared perspective, one I don't happen 
> to share.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I certainly don't share it... Maybe
it only exists in your imagination?

-- Richard