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Didier PH Martin wrote:

> Hi,
> At first I thought "this is a joke", but maybe its not. I recommend that you
> go to the bookstore ASAP and get a book like for instance XML for Beginners
> published by Wrox.
> By the way, the file may have these extensions:
> xxx.xml
> xxx.svg
> xxx.xhtml
> xxx.smil
> xxx.rdf
> xxx.xtm
> and a couple others that I forgot...

Um, actually an XML file may have any file ending it (or the author) 
chooses; using .xml is a nice convention that is sometimes adhered to but 
often not. And, of course, there may be no file ending at all, particularly 
on systems where not using file endings is common (e.g., Unix). A readme may 
be in XML just as a readme.xml file may be, or a readme.foo.