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Re: Generating xml pages from database queries.

Danny Ayers wrote:
> I had a mail from another vendor of a 'Native XML Database' recently, I was
> wondering if you use the same definition - the DB is backed by text files on
> a filesystem ?

Take a look at http://www.xmldb.org/faqs.html for a definition of
'Native XML Database'. It really has nothing to do with text files in a
filesystem though you could certainly build one that way, just as you
could build one on top of an RDBMS. A more accurate term would probably
be 'Seamless XML Database' but I guess 'Native' sounds better to

The XML:DB discussion list is also a good place to ask questions if you
want to find out more about this particular area.

Also if you want to look at one of these things, dbXML is open source.
It isn't quite production ready yet but it is far enough along to give
you a good idea of the capabilities you can expect in products of this
nature. http://www.dbxml.org

> ---
> Danny Ayers
> http://www.isacat.net

Kimbro Staken
The dbXML Project