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Re: First Order Logic and Semantic Web RE: NPR, Godel, Semantic W eb

Iwaku Danny:

> From what I've encountered in this part of the world, Bill has got an
> struggle on the road ahead - Universities aren't keen to waste $$$ so more
> people get started on Linux (and seem to be a bit more savvy than in the
> West), though there is a lot of home use of MS product, perhaps in part
> because e.g. Windows 2000 is openly sold (even in large stores) for about
> $2.

That's good to hear. Most news reports I've read tended to emphasize the
popularity of Microsoft software in India, without talking about the dirty

(I have a friend out in the middle of Hyogo prefecture who tells me he
thinks it was mathematicians imported from India that got Windows 95 out the
door for Microsoft. Poor guy. Masters in Economy, got stuck working a real
back-breaking job to support his family at long distance because the company
he was working for got hit by the Soviet breakup.)

> >Is there a way to build SW so that a semantic loop cannot be built
> >automatically incorporating some defusing devise that can be popped by
> >random surfer that finds it?
> If most people program sane systems you'll get distributed dampening.

See my responses to Len.


> >That's what I'm worried about.
> >
> >> > I like that metaphor. Does any interactive fiction of the
> >> > complexity of War and Peace exist yet?
> Yes : xml-dev.