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How to extract a line from an XML file ? Thanks

I have an XML file which has something like this:
<PRODUCT xml:lang="en">
and using an XSL file, I want to transform this into another XML file. However I don't know how to extract the <!DOCTYPE ABC SYSTEM "ABC.DTD"> from the source file to the output file. I know if I use something like:
 <xsl:output indent="yes" method="xml" standalone = "no" doctype-system = "ABC.DTD"/>  in my XSL file, then it should do the work. HOWEVER, the name of the DTD file can change from time to time. So, I can't hardcode ABC.DTD in my XSL file. Is it possible to extract this first line from my source XML into the output XML file ?
Could you please tell me how to do it in my XSL ?
Thanks a lot