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Re: ANN: XML Schema: DOs and DON'Ts

> I agree that your interpretation is natural and consistent by itself.
> But to my surprise, I believe that natural interpretation is not what the
> spec says.
> QName resolution rule, which is defined in the section 3.15.3, does not
> mention anything about chameleon capability. It says the resolution
> doesn't be affected by who includes the chameleon schema.
> But honestly I can't believe what I found. Is there anyone who can point
> to the specific section of the spec, and tell me that I'm wrong with
> this?

I can't help your there unfortunately. What I tried to explain was information
I gathered from discussions on this and the xml-schema mailing list (mainly
between Roger Costello and Henry Thompson). I haven't found anything that
support this in the spec, I just assumed (maybe incorrectly?) it was in there