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RE: get started

>From:	Amanda Woestenburg [SMTP:leesmij@iae.nl]
>Sent:	Friday, May 18, 2001 8:00 AM
>To:	xml-chat
>Subject:	get started

> >Does anyone know how I get started with XML? Books, sites, ....
I found the "XML Bible" to be quite good. There are lots of sites -
XML.COM and XMLINFO.COM act as portals to a certain extent, so you will
get links to good tutorials from those sites. XMLHACK is what I rely on
for news.

>What is the difference between SGML and XML. Now I'm working with SGML
for a few publishers but XML is coming up....

XML is more or less a subset of SGML. There is a comparison of the two
on the W3C.org site.

>Second question: is there anybody who speaks Dutch? 

Yes, there is a country called the Netherlands that is full of people
like that. :-) This mailing list is usually conducted through English,
but there may be a Dutch mailing lists or Usenets groups which cover