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RE: Attributes v Elements (adjectives vs. nouns)


I like your diagram.

It is a small point, but the discussion of adjectives and nouns has clouded
the identity of the (ad)verb...  Shakepspeare might turn in his grave if his
classic conundrum "to be, or not to be" were based on an adverb, rather than
a verb.  The verb expresses a state or action and an adverb describes the
verb (or an adjective or other adverb).  Hence we can be more precise in
recognising words which describe others.

Many words can be classified in more than one way, and their function in the
sentence should always be taken into account.

> Good heavens, I'm nearly a computer linguist.  -Tim
  ------------  --- - -------- ------------ ---
      |          |  |      |    |         |        |
      |          |  |      |    |        noun      |
  interjection   |  |      | adjective/noun    proper noun
                 |  |      |
	           |  |      indefinite article
                 |  adverb
                I (personal pronoun) am (verb = to be)


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From: Jeff Lowery [mailto:jlowery@scenicsoft.com]
Sent: 18 May 2001 00:10
To: 'Tim Bray'; xml-dev@lists.xml.org
Subject: RE: Attributes v Elements

> Good heavens, I'm a computer programmer.  -Tim
  ------------  --- - -------- ----------    ---
      |          |  |    |         |          |
  interjection   |  | adjective   noun      proper noun
                 |  |
	           |  indefinite article
                I (pronoun) am (adverb)

Just trying to help..


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