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Retrieving XML file from URL


I need some advice on how to capture and subsequently process
an XML document through HTTP. Our environment is Windows 
2K server, ASP pages using VBscript. I am using an ASP 
which queries the browser, if the browser if IE 5 then the XML
document is transformed by the client otherwise it is done 
on the server. I created a test XML document based on a HHTP
live feed that I need to start using and and XSL which converts
the XML into HTML for display. 

Everything works fine in test mode but this is using a XML
document that I created with a text editor and saved to
the server. What I really need to do is capture the document
realtime from a URL and then process it. For example right now I have 

if ie5 then
end if

The OutputDocument routine send the XML dirtectly to the browser
and the TransformDocument does the server transformation. However
I need to be able to to capture the "quote.xml" document straight
from the URL. Something like 
quote.xml = http://www.trades.com/demo/xml/tscGetQuote.php3?symbol=SPH1.

My questions are:

1) Are there VBscript functions that I can use to capture the output
   from the URL into a variable and then pass it to my transformation
2) Is there something I can do in either the XML or XSL files to 
   dynamically capture the XML document that resides at the URL?
   Something like text/xml href=url...
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.