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RE: Namespace: what's the correct usage?

Martin Gudgin wrote:

> [MJG]
> Actually, I provided that example because I thought you may be
> happier with
> it. In reality I use the class name for the top-level element.
> Why? Because
> typically I'm serializing an instance of a class and I probably don't know
> the name of the local variable the class is bound to, indeed a given
> instance may be bound to multiple local variable names. So I use the class
> name as the localname of the top-level element.
> In the above the Person instance is sometimes bound to the local name
> 'martin' and sometimes bound to the local name 'o'. So I use the type name
> for the top level and then the field names of the Person class
> for the child
> elements.

This argument seems hopelessly complicated. The most reasonable way to
define a person name structure is:

<person.name xmlns="http://example.org/person">

why would anyone want to complicate this with different namespaces for each
element of the structure?