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RE: Namespace: what's the correct usage?

Martin Gudgin wrote:
> The *unqualified* children are always in 'no namespace'. Assume
> there is an
> xmlns='' on the qualified element if that helps...

this is getting even more confusing.

how about this: why aren't the elements in the _same_ namespace? that makes
the most sense to me. people are confused enough about namespaces, i don't
see any reason to make the matter worse now that XML Schema has been

> >
> > The difference is that in XML elements are first class entities, that is
> the
> > "given" element is not declared within the scope of the "person" class.
> But attributes are declared in the scope of their owner element. Why not
> child elements? This is the crux of the question I think.

That's XML. That's SGML. Are you trying to say that XML Schema 1.0 changes

> Schema allows
> me to say
> <complexType name='person'>
>   <sequence>
>     <element name='given' type='string' />
>     <element name='family' type='string' />
>   </sequence>
> </complexType>
> and the given and family elements *are* declared in the scope of
> the person
> 'class'

huh? i thought "person" was an element not a complexType.