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RE: Types and Context

Jeni Tennison wrote:
> Just to make sure I understand what you mean by the above - you're
> advocating adding a new node test called exslt:typeOf?

no the intention is an extension function taking two arguments


note that this assumes there is some 'active' schema present. one could more
generally do:

	typeOf(node, typename, schema)

and note that the 'schema' need not _only_ be an XML Schema, for example one
might have a simple XSLT file:

	<xsl:variable name="person.type">

> I actually wrote match="*[xs:type('this:person')]". I used an
> extension function because they're the least controversial and
> dramatic way of extending XPath. Of course, the people designing XPath
> 2.0 are a lot freer than we are ;)

	i missed what you were doing. its correct (the first "." is implicit?)
> Anyway, I thought this syntax for xs:type() gelled well with the way
> that lang() works in XPath at the moment. Another possibility for the
> same kind of extension function would be:
>   match="*[xs:type() = 'this:person']"

that doesn't work because a node may have many types.