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Re: APIs, messaging

"Simon St.Laurent" wrote:

> There's another group of people who want to use XML to get out of that world of close tolerances and into a much less precise approach where messages are exchanged and things may
> or may not happen depending on the understandings of the sender and the receiver.  Message formats may or may not be documented and developers can use information for processes
> quite different from the original design.
> Does that seem like a reasonable breakdown of the situation?


Of course, I want to push the point even further and insist that the software of close tolerances is viable only on the homogenous network inside the enterprise firewall. For the
autonomous nodes of the internetwork topology, the capacity to execute transactions--and realize profit--depends on processes which are sufficiently versatile to do something
useful with the wide range of data, in often unanticipated forms, which might become available.


Walter Perry