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Re: Types and Context

Hi Jonathan,

> So this API we are looking for. I am suggesting that this API is a
> function "typeOf". This just another way of viewing the "PSVI" yet
> using the "1.0" generation of tools that are widely deployed (we
> just need to do a bit of tweaking).

I think I finally get what you're saying:

As I understood it, the PSVI approach is to process the instance XML
once, assign types to everything, then make those types available to
the application (e.g. XSLT) through some API. Here, the schema is
viewed as another link in the processing chain. (I think this seemed
natural to me because it's the way that the DTD is used by XSLT/XPath
- defaulted attributes look just like attributes whose values have
been specified.)

You're advocating instead having the application work on the instance
XML and, where it needs to, checking whether a particular node
complies with a particular type definition with the schema. Here, the
schema is viewed as another resource about the XML instance that can
be accessed if and as required.

Am I interpreting you correctly?



Jeni Tennison