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Re: whitespaces, need a help !

From: Saxena, Saurabh <saurabh.saxena@intel.com>

>Even i am facing the same problem.Actually i have a tag in XML file as
>Later i am storing this in the database.Now the maximum length for this is
>8.(As defined in the schema file)
>What is happening if there is a TAG value like
><NAME>ABCD                   </NAME>
>Then also the validator validates this file successfully and this got
>bounced when it goes to the database.Is there any way to trim these
>leading/trailing whitespaces.
>I can't add anything(extra code) in my XML file as they are
>autogenerated.Can something be done at the schema file or in the code where
>i am validating the file

An XML Schema will let you declare what the significance of that whitespace
you can declare that NAME is type "token" in particular.  However, then you
would need some schema-aware system to make use of that information: these
animals don't really exist yet.  For this next year, vendors will be mainly
getting together their validators before any transformation systems based on
the PSVI (post-schema validation infoset)  are developed.

So XML Schemas systems do not currently help you do what you need.  You are
better off to write a simple filter yourself.  If you are using UNIX, you
can probably use the following sed script (or the perl equiv if you are on
some other system)

1,$s/\ *<\/NAME>/<\/NAME>/

which means, for each line from 1 to the end ($) substitute an occurrence of
spaces "\ *" followed by </NAME> with </NAME>.

But I would complain to the database vendor that they need to provide more
options (actually, I would have expected most DBMS to fail in the opposite
way, that they silently truncate without warning anyone.)

Rick Jelliffe