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Re: APIs, messaging

A relational data model can be seen as objects without methods plus
relational integrity rules.  You could argue that the rules are really there
with objects, too, but they are usually added on later with procedural code
(as business rules still have to be treated in relational models).

OO may be more "subjective" because there is more partitioning to be done (I
mean you partition the behavior as well as the data between classes, so
there are more possibilities for mix-and-match).  But de-normalization of a
data model to get performance can be plenty subjective!


Tom P

[Jeff Lowery ]

> BTW, the reason I think OO design is more of a subjective experience is
> object do so much more than manipulate data, and has larger scope for
> creativity. Objects are good, data models are good; they can be made to
> together better, IMNSHO.