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ASN.1 and XML

On 24 May 2001 15:24:31 +0100, Al Snell wrote:
> Egads! Good luck. You have ASN.1 to compete with

The only place I've ever encountered serious suggestions that ASN.1 is a
genuine competitor is on this list.

When I was first getting into XML, ASN.1 came up a few times, and I did
the basic exploration before concluding that ASN.1 might be good for
certain types of communication, but that it seemed to drive more people
insane than it delighted.  The learning curve and the prerequsites for
using it were much more difficult.

Admittedly that was a few years ago, but I can't say the stories I heard
left me quaking in fear that XML would be eclipsed by ASN.1 or that I
should go out and write ASN.1 books.  I'd be interested to hear from
people with more direct experience with the two technologies.