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RE: The Results (Was RE: ASN.1 and XML)


>Funky? http://love.warhead.org.uk/~alaric/images/alaric.jpg - take that
back :-)

Ok, gnarly.  In my day, funky.  Just means it grooves.

>Mmmm, early Pink Floyd.

Ok.  ASN.1 is a Saucerful of Secrets for a lot of us.

>Aye, around that time I was designing nuclear bunkers...

Aren't you glad to be obsolete?  So is a lot of SGML.  Designed 
for a different time, different requirements, back when 
memory was measured in kilobytes and a Declaration file 
was good for telling the other guy how many he needed.  
XML dumped some things that were useful when the walls 
were thicker and had heavy metal in them but now are 
just a muck-filled concrete coffin full of water and 
rotten gear.  Call it progress.

>> I call that results. 

>Roger Waters, Radio KAOS, last track quite nicely captures the sentiment

Point is, they got excited because it did work as well as it needed to.
Can we do better?  Do you think Simon does this for his health?

>Indeed. XML is here to stay, no doubt about that, it has hit the
>mainstream. I want to help merge the goodness of ASN.1 into that, since it
>is very compatible... I regard all technology as hopelessly insufficient 
>for the problems facing humanity :-)

But that is why you get mad, that is why you want to bring ASN.1 to 
the party, and that is also why some will stand there and make sure 
that just like binary, the reasons are solid.   If all we get is a 
Little Improvement for a Lot of Effort, well, we are too busy dancing 
to tell the band they are too loud or out of tune.  Next break, maybe.  

>I hope I get to meet you one day, Len :-) I know I've been coming over as
>Mr. Militant on this issue, but what I see as misplaced evangelism touches
>a raw nerve! I'm fluffy really.

Nah, ya got passion.  I like that in people.  Ask Simon how many times 
I've driven him over the edge.  He is really good when he is fired up.

Me, used to be fluffy.  Now I come in, stare down at the badge and 
say, "MY GOD! I'M AAAAAA GEEEEEK!" and I curse the day I quit looking 
for music gigs.  I became boring and then I became irrelevant.