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Re: Parser/Object Builder for w3-XML-Schema


When I get you right, you are looking for an implementation of a XML
Data Binding facility as supposed in
http://java.sun.com/xml/jaxp-docs-1.0.1/docs/bind.pdf . Well, I think
there is no implementation - especially for XML Schema - yet.

Suns JAXB -- formerly known as Project Adelard -- got stuck somewhere,
and despite the release was scheduled for second quarter of 2001, it all
got a little quite around it. It, too, is just a specification and it is
not known when there will be a reference implementation. (See:
http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/javaone00/j1-00-adelard.html )

Brett McLaughlin's Zeus is aiming in exactly that direction, but it is
nothing more than a framework of 26 little interfaces and classes. I
judge it rather poor. If you have to implement the whole generator you
can implement the classes as well. (See: http://zeus.enhydra.org and

I am currently working on an implementation called 'XML2Java', but the
XML Schema support won't be up until end of summer. (See:
http://www.jNerd.de/xml2java.html ) It generates Java source code
according to a DTD. The hierarchy is very flat, so you can sub- and
super class the classes, to give them a little 'life'. A SAX based (any
JAXP does) reader and a writer gets generated as well. With little
effort you can easily customize the generated classes to constrain
certain fields to be Integers, Dates or whatever. But you need a DTD

Oracle has a free 'Class Generator' in their XDK (
http://technet.oracle.com/tech/xml/ ). It is still in development (I
think software always is!). The problem I see with Oracles Class
Generator, is that you are bound to the Oracle XML Parser. AND: No XML
Schema support.

Another tool for Data Binding is Jato (http://www.krumel.com/jato ). It
supports dynamic mapping functionality via XML scripts. It is quite
flexible, but you have to do a lot of scripting though.

I haven't checked out Breeze Factor's XML Studio yet. This is probably
the overkill application for this job (it is a commercial solution for
building XML based web sites.), but it should be able to handle XML
Schema. It too imports some breeze factor classes in the generated java
sources. (See: http://www.breezefactor.com ) 

Hope these info helps you along,



Himanshu Gupta wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for the following:
> Software tool that creates an appropriately defined XMLSchema object
> from an XMLSchema file/document. In other words, it takes in an XML
> Schema (w3 proposed) file as an input and creates a XML Schema object
> (something more meaningful than a DOM). Java is most preferable.
> Thanks,
> --Himanshu
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