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RE: get started (in the Netherlands)...

I recommend visiting  www.salience.nl (unfortunately you will need to have flash installed) if you are interested in courses, though you requested books/websites only.
They are very specialized in XML and give customized or general XML trainings/courses (from theory through to tools etc.) in the Netherlands (in Dutch!) so I'm sure they can help you out. I know they have given trainings specifically to publishers before, which might be of further interest to you (ie: SGML vs./to  XML).
I used to work there... if you contact them say hi for me!
Pamela Gareau

 From: Baudoncq Gert [mailto:Gert.Baudoncq@zeno.be]
Sent: Friday, May 18, 2001 12:14 PM
To: 'Amanda Woestenburg'; xml-chat
Subject: RE: get started

Lots of people are speaking dutch. :-)
Just kidding...
If you're looking for a dutch startpoint on XML the point your browser to http://xml.startkabel.nl/
Other interesting sites to visit are:
Some books: XML for Dummies (exists also in Dutch), Teach yourself XML in 21 Days (also available in Dutch) and Professional XML.
I hope this helps you further.
-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Amanda Woestenburg [mailto:leesmij@iae.nl]
Verzonden: vrijdag 18 mei 2001 8:00
Aan: xml-chat
Onderwerp: get started


Does anyone know how I get started with XML? Books, sites, ....
What is the difference between SGML and XML. Now I'm working with SGML for a few publishers but XML is coming up....

Second question: is there anybody who speaks Dutch?

Many thanks for all your help,
Amanda Woestenburg
Mail:   leesmij@iae.nl