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Re: Identity, identification and integrity (WAS: Copyrighting schemas,Hailstorm)

> Identity (let's keep this constant for argument's sake)

But can we?  Shouldn't any of us have, for example, the
ability to choose which of our identities we use in a given
context ... to be anonymous, use a pseudonym, or generally
(in security terms) use some restricted "role"?

> "Trusted identification franschising" (I trust so-and-so to keep this
> information on their systems, happens everyday everywhere nowadays)

Actually, one of the big issues is that we don't have choices
here ... information is collected whether we trust or not.
One of our few defenses is being able to choose what
identity we present in any given context.  (Look how many
budgerigars get junk mail...)

What does integrity have to do with identification, by the
way?  I mean in the classic security sense of preserving
correct system functioning.  Most social systems aren't
surveillance oriented, they work fine without doing any
identification whatsoever.  Cash is anonymous, and that
hasn't prevented civilization from working for the past
few thousand years.

- Dave