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fyi - XML/Web Services CD offer from developerWorks

developerWorks is offering a Web Services and XML technology CD with:

All IBM developerWorks Web services articles
IBM Web services whitepapers
IBM developerWorks Web services newsletter
Web Services ToolKit
WSDL ToolKit
Web services Development Environment
Web Services Process Management ToolKit
Gourmet2Go Web services application
AggregationDemo Web services application
The IBM MQSeries transport for SOAP
Web Services Browser plug-in
WebSphere Preview Technologies for Developers
Tivoli Managment Extensions for Java? (TMX4J)

get CD at:

Other stuff online:

Using SOAP with Tcl
This introduction to SOAP for the Tcl programming environment will be
especially useful for those of you who are working on dynamic Web
applications, Web services, general-purpose distributed programming, or
communication between components using Web protocols.

Tutorial - Creating a complete Web service
How to create your Web services applications. This tutorial is designed to
walk you through the process of designing, deploying, and utilizing
services implemented with the Web Services ToolKit

XML Registry/Repository
A data management system that manages and provides services for XML
artifacts including schemes (DTD, XSD), stylesheets (XSL) and instance
documents (WSDL). User can use XRR to obtain an XML artifact automatically,
search or browse for an XML artifact, deposit an XML artifact with or
without related data, and register an XML artifact without deposit.

IBM developer Conference in San Francisco - Solutions
Sessions, keynotes, certification testing, and activities on XML, web
Services, Java, etc.