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Re: DTD formal syntax

> I want to write something that accepts a DTD, allows you to input
> data that conforms to the DTD, and outputs the data in valid XML.
> XMLSpy does this, but not quite the way I would like.

Now I'm very confused:

Accepts DTD:

    PUBLIC "-//some//fpi" "some-uri.dtd"
       <!-- internal subset is part of dtd too -->
       <!ENTITY bar "override what's in external subset">
       <!ATTLIST foo bar CDATA "my favorite default">
       <!ELEMENT foo EMPTY>
       <!-- etc -->

Allows you to input data conforming to that DTD:

   <foo />

Outputs the data in valid XML ... hey, "cat" is my
favorite tool for doing that.

What exactly are you after -- something that takes
something resembling a DTD and then turns it into
a DTD?

- Dave