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Re: Schemas Article

"Bullard, Claude L (Len)" wrote:
> Note:  www.eweek.com May 28, 2001 has some
> articles on XML Schema.  Mostly hype.  It is
> weird to see almost exactly the same diagrams
> for XML Schema + XML as were created for
> DTDs + SGML over ten years ago.

Yes, they are right: this is the point. 

Generalizing the usage of any schema language is like reintroducing
mandatory DTDs.

And it's not unlike going back toward SGML...

> Maybe it will work this time now that
> programmers labelled the diagrams instead
> of lawyers and technical writers. :-)

Maybe we need this pain to enjoy the freedom of a new lightweight flavor
of markup language without W3C XML Schema in one or two years time...


> Len
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