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Trouble with schema-regular expression

I want to control in myType that all the strings have a "", but " is a
reserved tag in the xml attributs (pattern value="").
I'm working with a regular expression, in order to create this
restriction. In the regular expression " is not a reserved tag then
there isn't a \".

I've tried several solutions like:

<xsd:simpleType name="myType">
        <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
                <xsd:pattern value="&#34;(.)*&#34;"/>

or	<xsd:pattern value=""(.)*""/>
or	<xsd:pattern value="\"(.)*\""/>
or	<xsd:pattern value="\p{#34}(.)*\p{#34}"/> 
or	<xsd:pattern value="&quot;(.)*&quot;"/> 
or	<xsd:pattern value="\p(")(.)*\p(")"/>

But they are not valid or says all the time ok.

Please, comments are welcome. Thanks
Xavier Orri