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Re: How to POST in XML format

On Jun 09, 2001 02:00pm, MIKE@SKEW.ORG wrote to ALL:

>> I wrote a javascript to generically wrap form elements in a XML
>> format.

 > Are you submitting this as form data?
 > If so, watch what happens to the
 > non-ASCII characters in the XML when you change the encoding of the form
 > itself, or change the interpreted encoding in the browser.  It helps to
 > use a logging HTTP proxy server or a packet sniffer so you can see the
 > actual HTTP request.

Thanks for the heads up.  Yes, I'm aware that I have to deal with
encoding and escaping issues of XML.  In fact, I have done alot of
reading and research this past week, including reading your excellent
articles on XML. I plan to revisit your articles when I reach this

Just a small background:  Our product is an intranet RPC based
client/server system called WINSERVER.  So we have to deal encoding
and escaping issues as it is now for the web interface services.

Do I have all the functionality covered? Don't know yet.  There are some
conflicting concepts and in our case some overlapping concepts that I
have to work out first.


Hector Santos, President
Santronics Software, Inc.