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Re: almost four years ago....

----- Original Message -----
From: "Williams, David" <DAVID.WILLIAMS@ca.com>

> I was just reading some of the old articles on xml.com's features list,
and came across:
> "XML has been designed for maximum expressive power, maximum teachability,
and maximum ease of implementation."
> -Oct'97 John Bosak article (off of xml.com)
> Are all three still true?  I think they are all still _potentially_
true...  Are the current manifestations of XML living up to this statement,

Since XML hasn't changed, apart from namespaces and errata, I don't see how
that can't continue to be true. Nothing that has been done in regards to
APIs, tools, frameworks, etc. has changed XML one bit. You are free to
choose the tools and APIs yopu want with absolutly zero change in how that
XML document you recieved looks. Validation wasn't and still is not required
to process well formed XML. Unless you need features above and beyond what
was in XML 1.0 such as rich datatypes, there is no additional complexity

David Cleary