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Re: Non-deterministic content model

Hi Francis,

> Robin Cover wrote:
>> On Thu, 14 Jun 2001, Marcus Carr wrote:
>> >
>> > Sam Willmott from OmniMark released a white paper on content model algebra
>> > in the early nineties. He concluded that there was only one content model
>> > that cannot be disambiguated and I have yet to see proof to the contrary.
>> > The model is:
>> >
>> >    (x, (y, x)*, y?)
> I'm trying to iterpret this interesting theory thread in the light of
> existing validation technologies.
> Taking the chess moves interpretation, the ambigous model above can be
> implemented in Schematron as:
> Is it equally simple to implement this ambiguous model in other schema
> technologies?

RELAX NG doesn't require deterministic patterns; the following
schema should do it:

<element name="game">
   <element name="white" />
      <element name="black" />
      <element name="white" />
      <element name="black" />

XML Schema forces deterministic model groups, so you can't use that.



Jeni Tennison