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Re: Evaluation of a XML Database


>  To evaluate a XML based Database, what are issues I need to focus
>  general and specific ]. Thanks in advance.

For starters,  I would look at the typical tech issues (platform
requirements, O/S, possibly programming language it was written in (if
you are considering embedding it as part of a larger infrastructure) and
a well defined API.

From there,  the issues our customers usually want to look at are
concerns over scalability, number of inserts/second, query robustness
and support for things like Unicode, IDRefs etc.

As part of a company agenda,  I presume issues like vendor, price vs.
value will also be addressed.

PS - if you are evaluating,  please consider GoXML DB - downloads at:


45 day free evaluation with free tech support.


Duane Nickull, CTO - Founder
XML Global Technologies, Inc.