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Re: SAX 2.0 enhancement proposal

> I always took that "unless" clause to apply to relative URIs showing
> up somewhere in document content, not in the DTD; all those examples
> were of that type, and the rest of that sentence (and paragraph, and
> section!) clearly applies to URIs as declared within the DTD, not to
> any of the cases in that clause's examples.

I took it to apply to both.  It would be peculiar to embed the
statement in a paragraph about system identifiers if it didn't apply
to them.

I assume by "those examples" you mean "a special XML element type
defined by a particular DTD, or a processing instruction defined by a
particular application specification".

A processing instruction could be in or before the DTD, and could
certainly affect the interpretation of declarations.

The element could be something like the BASE element in HTML.  I'm not
sure whether it is defined whether BASE affects entity declarations
(it would only arise in XHTML).

-- Richard