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Re: SAX 2.0 baseURI property was: Re: SAX 2.0 Enhancement proposal(2ndEd)

> > perhaps this is true. Given an (absolute URI form) systemId and a base
> URI,
> > cannot we -reconstruct- a relative URI used to get from the base URI to
> the
> > systemId in URI space: i.e.
> >
> > relativeURI = absolutizedSystemId - baseURI
> >
> > via an inverse of the rules that create: absolutizedSystemId = baseURI +
> > relativeURI
> >
> > (where + and - are not literal string operations but rather represent
> > absolutization transform in RFC 2396)
> >
> Jonathan, I like this proposal... a lot.  Unless I am missing something I
> imagine others will feel the same.  It has the advantage of leaving
> EntityResolver, DTDHandler and Locator unchanged, but seems to provide the
> required information.

Unfortunately I can think of at least one example where it would not give
the correct value.  If the original system identifier was absolute, the
"difference" algorithm could still result in a relative URI.  This,
presumably, would not be the desired outcome.


Rob Lugt
ElCel Technology