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Re: A readable schema language ?

I'm always interested in fonding more readable ways to represent document
structure.  Your effort certainly seems interesting.  I can't see one thing,
though.  In your <schema:choice>, nothing seems to delimit each individual
optional item.  How can I know when one choice ends and the next starts?
It's not that each immediate child of <schema:choice> becomes one of the
alternatives, is it? If that were so,

<b><schema:ref name="paragraphContent"/></b>

could not be one of the choice items, since it's second element is also an
immediate child of the <schema:choice> element.

I think you need a <schema:item> element to delineate them.

[Nicolas LEHUEN]
>         <schema:choice>
>           <schema:text/>
>           <b><schema:ref name="paragraphContent"/></b>
>           <!-- etc. -->
>         </schema:choice>


Tom P