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Re: more tools tested on "XHTML 1.1 with SVG and MathML DTD" (XML isn'tsimple)

Title: more tools tested on "XHTML 1.1 with SVG and MathML DTD" (XML isn't simple)
I had a feeling that our strenuous efforts to be 100% compliant would pay dividends eventually.
Thank you very much for taking the time to evaluate our product.
Kind regards
Rob Lugt
ElCel Technology
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Sent: 21 June 2001 18:08
Subject: more tools tested on "XHTML 1.1 with SVG and MathML DTD" (XML isn 'tsimple)

Some more experiences with Modular XHTML and XML tools.

>We developed according to the rules specified in the W3C recommendation of >10th april 2001 "Modularization of XHTML" an XHTML Host Language Document >Type leaving out some XHTML modules and including SVG and MathML.

>We wondered how different XML tools could handle this DTD in which >parameter entities and conditional sections are heavily used.

a)XML Validator from Elcel Technology

b)Stylus Studio
Doesn't, since it doesn't seem to read external entities, leading to the error message "entity NS.prfixed not found", meaning not defined.

c) Morphon editor
????, Pops up the parser error window but without any message, just a grey screen. If you close this error message, the editor seems to be working according to the rules defined by the DTD.



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