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Re: XML Blueberry

Tim Bray wrote:
> At the moment, based on a certain amount of introductory
> thought, but not by an overwhelming margin, I lean to
> doing nothing; simply because the cost of the Blueberry
> action seems to outweigh its benefits.
> Then another potential problem: if you decide to push XML
> past version 1.0, why not take the opportunity to pour
> in namespaces?  And fix the white-space handling?  And...
> well, probably nobody is willing to step off this cliff,
> so maybe I'm raising a red herring.

This is the key (and I use to like cliffs)...

There is a (huge) fixed cost to any breaking of backward compatibility
and it doesn't seem reasonable to do it for a single feature.

If we need to create a new XML version, we should probably try to
package several "minor" changes to make sure that the benefits outweigh
the cost.

My 0,02 Euros.

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