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RE: Binary XML

Quoting Fotios <f_bass@yahoo.com>:

> Compression is within network protocol stacks anyway. It is also
> implemented
> in modem hardware.

Only for that one step - often the lowest-bandwidth link in the case of a modem,
and I don't think the algorithms used are as good as deflate (they didn't used
to be in the days of V.42bis, but 56k modems may have better standards) so you'd
still be better off gzipping things in transit.

SSH allows for deflation of the data stream in each direction, which is very
nice, especially when you're doing scp file transfers.

Come to think of it, I do get better throughput with ssh -C than just plain ssh
on 56k modems, so there must be something in it!

> Later,
> Fotios


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