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ANN: XML Schemas - Tutorial, Best Practice book

Hi Folks,

I have several announcements:

[1] I have updated my XML Schema tutorial to the latest spec
(Recommendation).  Contents:

   - a Powerpoint tutorial (~300 pages)
   - 36 fully validated examples
   - 20 labs (with answers)

Here's the URL for the tutorial:


[2] I have updated all of our Best Practices discussion material to the
latest spec.  Also, I have added a lot of new material from recent
discussions (e.g, dangling types, dynamic schemas).

See the Best Practices Homepage for the updated material:


[3] I have updated the Best Practices book to bring it up to the latest
spec and to incorporate the new material.  It is now at the second
edition.  Perry Molendijk provided me with some CSS instructions to
nicely format the book.  (Thanks Perry!)

The Best Practices book may be downloaded from the Best Practices