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different presentations at XML 2001

I've had a few people ask me to explain the various presentation areas 
for the XML 2001 conference, to be held December 9-14 in Florida, USA, 
so I thought I would send this email to xml-dev, in case there are some 
of you who still haven't sent in your proposals ;-)

The "presentations" are the standard no-marketing-allowed presentations 
on some topic of interest (see the web site for a proposed list, but do 
feel free to put in proposals for other areas). Proposals for "standard" 
presentations have to be in by the end of June (i.e., you have one week 

The "vendor presentations" are product demos! The idea here is that a 
lot of people actually want to see demos of products they're interested 
in, and this also means that there is less temptation to "sneak in" a 
product demo to a "standard" presentation. If you want to give a demo of 
your marvellous new system, or a new version of your marvellous old 
system, this is where you put in the proposal. Proposals are due by 
October 1, and there are brownie points for how new the product is, 
standards-compliance, and interoperability with products from other 
vendors (yes, working together! up on stage! only for the brave...).

Then we also have Town Hall meetings. Think of these as a cross between 
a BOF and a Q&A; there is a discussion leader who introduces the 
subject, maybe a few other people who want to say something, and then 
there will be an in-depth discussion of that subject, chaired by the 
discussion leader. Ideas and proposals are due by the end of June.

Further details on the web site (www.xmlconference.org); send me email 
if you have any other questions.




Lauren Wood, Director of Product Technology, SoftQuad Software
Chair, XML 2001 - Call for presentations now open at www.xmlconference.org