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RE: DOM 2 and .NET

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Joshua Allen [mailto:joshuaa@microsoft.com]

> In the case of the "extra" stuff, pretty much every DOM implementation
> adds some extra stuff to cover things not covered in the spec, such as
> loading, saving, XPath, etc.  These particular three have 
> been in MSXML

  Dear Joshua,

Personally, I would like to see the effort behind all the extensions
(which after all, are proprietary) focused on implementing better
implementations of the actual DOM specs.
As one of the developers out there, it would make my life easier to see
DOM having the expected effect of letting me write one piece of code
that works. Instead, I always manage to find myself tempted to use
extensions, the dilemma being either to write easy_leaving_style_code by
supporting one vendor or the other, or do twice the work with the same
money just to take the responsibility of an open web on my shoulders,
because vendors don't play fair. These vendors are actually making my
life harder. They offer me non-compliant ways to make my work easy. Wow.
And if I choose them, I either have to promote only their side of the
bank, or work twice as hard to promote all. They are all blackmailing
me, while earning from me for pushing their platform.

On the other hand, I wonder how these vendors are at the same time
consortium members (to OASIS, W3C or whatever). Ok, vendors just want to
sell their platform and build their earnings on their
super_duper_but_also_closed semi-compliant specs. Consortiums could have
placed restrictions or penalties on vendors that take advantage of the
working taking place in various WGs to implement their own new tortures
for me.

My honest apologies for this letter being a reply to you Joshua. It is
just a coincidence, my mind clicked and I wanted to be heard (the
internet does that to you :-). Excuse me now, while I lean over two
books, describing how to use the same ECMAThingy and a somewhat same
pseudo-implementation of DOM, to implement the same thing, two ways,
because one doesn't work for the other.
Thank god today is just 2x15 lines of code.

  Kindest regards,