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Re: deterministic content model?

Gary Stephenson wrote:

> Is the following content model determinisic?
> (a, (b|c)+, (a|b)?, (a|c)* )?

No, it isn't.

> The recent posts concerning the Conformance Test suite results imply that it
> _is_ deterministic (see test ibm47v01)

Really? I missed some of that thread, but it seems odd that could ever be
considered deterministic. A cut down version illustrating the problem is:

(b, a?, a*)

While it can be made deterministic, it's hard to mistake it in that form.

> but in my understanding, when matching
> the following sequence
> a,b,a
> the second 'a' could be matched by either the ' (a|b)? ' or the ' (a|c)* '
> terms.  Does this not mean that the model is non-deterministic?



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