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Re: xml DOM/DTD graph visualization

On Mon, Jun 25, 2001 at 04:47:22PM +0200, james anderson wrote:
> I was curious about how an automatic layout package would fare with DTD
> and DOM graphs. A naive generator for GraphViz's "dot" format is a
> straight-forward graph walk. The "dot" file describes the connectivity
> only. GraphViz is left with the hard work. The results are adequate for

Which reminds me, I started on defining an XML representation of dot
files and wrote a PerlSAX handler that writes out real .dot files.
Very useful for generating graphs with XSLT.
I added lexical scoping for default attributes, but subgraphs need some
more thinking.

Contact me if anyone's interested, I may even rewrite it in Java to make
it useful for a larger number of people.


    <digraph id="graph0">
        <graph_attr center="1">
            <node id="node01" color="red"/>
            <node_attr shape="box">
                <node id="node02"/>
            <edge_attr dir="both">
                <edge from="node01" to="node03"/>
            <edge from="node01" to="node02"/>

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