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Re: "Current" list of XML IDEs?

I use XML Cooktop often and like it a lot, especially for xslt stylesheet
work.  Doesn't do schemas or schema/dtd conversions, though.

For plain typing xml into a document, I like Architag XRay, even though it's
still missing some things in beta, because it shows you charcter by
character if you are well-formed (or valid, if you have specified a DTD)
without getting in your way the least bit.

For xml schema work, I'm trying out the XML Spy 4.01 beta.


Tom P

[Roger L. Costello]

> I need to do an evaluation of XML integrated development environments
> (IDEs).  A cursory search yielded tools with announcements dated a year
> or two ago.  I suspect that many of those tools are no longer being
> used.  What are the hot tools "today"?
> Specifically, I am looking for XML IDEs which supports **some or all**
> of these capabilities:
>  - XML editor
>  - XML parser
>  - XSL editor
>  - XSL processor
>  - XML Schema editor
>  - XML Schema validator
>  - DTD <--> Schema converter
>  - HTML --> XHTML converter